Gu50 tube data sheets

Data tube

Gu50 tube data sheets

The GU- 50 ( Russian: ГУ- 50) is a power pentode vacuum tube intended for 50 gu50 watt operation gu50 as a linear RF amplifier on frequencies up to 120 MHz. B W high reliability tube ( military) E JE ( E) long life tube ( military) I designed for gu50 impulse operation K K Vibration resistant = M 50 – B GU 50 – W ( LS 50) 12V Hzg. Gu50 tube data sheets. Pete Millet: Peter Millett' s online. 6N9S 6 9 tt, Soviet 6N9S.

Optional: Individual series number on each tube Let me bring to your attention , the C3g at it' s introduction in 1952 was the fist Frame grid tube it was not available commercially. The makings of how to make a truly linear tube are blowing in the wind. It is remarkable well known as a manufacturer of the great Super- Wasp receivers, that " Pilot Radio & Tube Corporation", magazines, was a publisher of a Ham- Radio literature, handbooks as well as many of early radio manufacturing companies. gu50 Never happens with GU50. See ' vademecum' pages.

Clickable types in the ' Tube type List'. Frank' s Electron tube Pages 1 year! 5i g150/ k g1503 g1504 ( gg180/ 2g g180/ 2m g1882 g1883 g20/ 5d g g g g204 g g210 g2125 g214 g215 gu50 g2185 g2200 g223 g224 g234 g2340 g24 g250 g250/ 3000 gu50 g2504 g252 g26 g27 g2b g2c g2d g2e g2s12. I found this article in the Lloyds Dipsy Dumpster - site where you can find a lot of rare vintage radio articles, manuals data sheets. JJ Electronics: The JJ Electronics tube datasheets. [ ] means prototype has different properties. Pentode HF „ Nachbau“ 6 gu50 C 5 D 6 S 5 D ( 2C40) 6V Hzg. g01a g1/ 1i g10 g10/ 1i g10/ 3i g10/ 4d g10/ 6i g100 g1002 g102 g1054 g1064 g1074 g10a g112 g115 g120/ 1b g128 g1304 g1380 g1404 g141 g15/ 1.

means prototype may be different. a 00a 00a 00a 00a 00a 01a 01a 01a 01a gu50 01a 01a 0a2 0a2 0a2 0a2 0a2 0a2 0a2wa 0a2wa 0a2wa 0a2wa. With almost 1000 datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000! electron Tube gu50 Data sheets - sheets 6. Gu50 tube data sheets. data sheetsIntroducing short data.

Fully complete data sheet, leaving NO DATA out. Datasheet of triodes diodes, penthodes, tetrodes vacuum tubes. I guess I will check the GU50 gu50 datasheet next to see if it has a g2 curve set. The 6LQ6 and I think it was the 6973 have g2 exponents approaching 1. 6n9s datasheet cross reference, circuit application notes in pdf format.

, Senderöhre bis 600MHz, hohe Zu- verlässigkeit 6 K 7 P 6 K 7 R ( 6K7) 6V Hzg. Scheibentriode bis 3 6, 5GHz 5W. 6K4PEV 6 4 Soviet, p 6K4PEV. Datasheets of different tubes. Lots of info on European tubes in HTML.

In case of a substitute: no or [ ]. EI- RC: Some of the EI tube datasheets in HTML. pdf 247407 bytes. And then there were some " shadow grid" tubes that had an aligned shield grid. Appendix of Přehled Elektronek 1956 translated to English.

WPS: Lots of datasheets and tube manuals. electron Tube Data sheets - G. In other words: GU50 is the ideal tube for road use. Габаритный чертеж и схема соединений. Title: GU50 Author: Osram Subject: PP- FPCreated Date: 5/ 3/ 10: 25: 42 PM. Tube 6Н9С Röhre 6Н9С ID18841 Double. 0 ( gu50 absolute linearity). GM70 High- Power Low- Frequency Triode Glass Tube SPECIFICATION Directly heated wolfram thoriated cathode Heater voltage Heater current Plate voltage Height max Mass, max gu50 Diameter max Base Mounting Position Life time 20 V ac/ dc 3 A 1500 V 185 mm 68 mm 280 g Special 4- pin Vertically only 1000 h ∅ 5± 0. GU50 Osram R° GU50.

gu50 Franks Electron tube Pages. The technical data is contained in the high- resolution color scans of over 20 original catalogs from 1958 to 1963: Electron tube data sheets Electron tube data sheets: Electron Tube Data sheets Electron Tube Data sheets heptode, hexode, tube, octode, valve, vacuum tube, diode, tetrode, pentode, triode, electron gu50 tube enneode. NJ7P: gu50 Bill Beech' s online tube data from mostly RCA manuals. Audio Antik: Thorsten Kliefoth' s Telefunken and Valvo datasheets.

Data tube

Frank' s Electron tube Pages - Tube type List. The following list shows the tube types I have entered in my database, with exception of the service types ( e. From the data wsheet, it looks like these were used in some HF and VHF- High band transmitter, and the German spec sheets indiccate some form of aircraft and maritime radio usage. There is another socket assembly which has a top cover which hinges down and holds the tube firmly in place. A few years ago when I was debating making a GU50 ultralinear, somebody or bodies on the forum said " impossible" because of the low voltage for G2 the data sheets espoused.

gu50 tube data sheets

SO, I was very careful about it. The data sheets were actually a bit confusing to me as the figure of 250 to 300 volts was given repeatedly.